My Biography

I was born with Cerebral Palsy in 1953 from  lack of oxygen.  I am unable to use my hands or legs.   I paint and also operate a computer using a headband stylus which  my teacher, Lucille Wilson and my Dad, R.T. Jackson designed for me when I was only a child. This is the way I found out that I had  talent  to paint. 

One day I was watching my brother,  Robert Jackson. Robert is now an architect with his own firm in Austin, Texas. He was  having fun painting on an easel. I watched with awe. My sister, brother and family members encouraged me to express myself through painting.  This inspired me to try to paint with my headband stylus.

 My brother stuck a paintbrush in the end  of my stylus when I was 11 years old , and amazingly,  I started teaching myself how to paint using my headband stylus.  I started painting with tempera and with some instructions from my brother which discovered that I had a natural talent to paint in 1964 . The the rest is history.  I changed in 1969 to acrylic paint because I could paint on harder surfaces like canvas and Masonite board.




I have presented paintings  to  Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope on behalf of Hughen School for the Disabled Children in Port Arthur, Texas.  I  was a student of this school back in the 60’s and 70’s.  Now, I attend the Hebert Adult  Center three Days a  week where we learn how to use computers and we have internet classes for the physically Disabled.

I have had many one man art exhibits at the Texas Artists Museum in Port Arthur, Texas.   One of my exhibits was called “Texas’ Whistle Stops” and this art exhibit consist of 17 train stations in the State of Texas also landscapes and Still Life.   I had an exhibition in a Railroad Museum in Crockett, Texas.  

Also, I painted the Alamo and four other Spanish missions in Texas and had a “Missions Texas” art exhibit at the Texas Artists Museum  of which I am a member of,

I have entered paintings  in the Sister Kenny International Art Show for Disabled Artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1977 and won  lots of awards  over the years.  Also, in 1977 I won a Honorable Memsion” on my painting “a Sailing Day.  


I was very honored that the Snyders Drug Stores company in Minneapolis put  my painting “Apples on the Title Table” on their calendar in which I  had have seven paintings over the years started in 1990 that has been published on this calendar.   Also In 2000 I won 3rd place in the Sister Kenny International Art Show on this painting.  (This painting is on the TAMS website )

In April of 2001, I won First Place in the Oil and Acrylic medium in the Sister Kenny International Art Show in Minneapolis,  Minnesota and it was called “Crimson Breeze” This was my first paintings that won First Place in this exhibit.

Also, in 2003 my painting “Greenhouse Effect” was picked my the Snyders

I had an art exhibit at the Texas Artist Museum in Port Arthur on my miniatures paintings in the month of September 2004. Also, I was very honored to be picked to by the jury to be accepted in the 10th Annual Gulf Coast National Art Competition in Oct, 04 at TAMS.

Now, I am attending a special computer class for people who are  physically challenged but with very bright minds that would like to advance their education through the computers with specially equip[ devices which helps a person to access the computer through the movement  of there head, hands, arms. legs or foot to communicate with the outside world around them.

This special computer class is a part of the MHMR Spindletop in Beaumont, Texas. My teacher is Suzy Fairchild, ATP who is also my very dear friend.